2vm demo page                                                                                                             v0.3


yoann trellu (nantes, f)                             jo frgmnt grys (berlin, d)

form the berlin vj-crew 2vm, that may mean

         2 visual masters
         2 video menschen
         or 2 video maniacs etc.

we both, coming from visual art & techno/noise hardcore on parties, decided this spring to work together to conquer clubs & events.
also video installations & music clips are planned.

yoann works on an apple macbook pro, frgmnt on an ibm notebook. the mix is done analogue on a panasonic video mixer - this combination proofed very reliable on events.

we work with images, text, video snippets, 3d & sometimes livevideo.

linked for download you will find 12 pieces (apple quicktime > v6):

01_2vm - techno.mp4
02_2vm - techno - two parts.mp4
03_2vm - techno.mp4
04_2vm - hcc - 2 parts.mp4
05_2vm - hardcore.mp4
06_2vm - dj miwon - part 1.mp4
06_2vm - dj miwon - part 2.mp4
07_2vm - asscrack.mov hires

earlier solo works

08_yoann - plan.mp4 hires
09_yoann - loire.mov hires
10_frgmnt - mulhouse ex01.mov hires      ; with analogue video synthesis
11_frgmnt - mulhouse ex05.mov hires


.. rightclick saves mp4/mov quicktime movies after viewing