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17 May 2010


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frgmnt mit frau & kind


  1. my congratulations to you and your wife.
    possibly i cant make it to the golden wedding
    anniversary next week.
    best greetings also to the little one.
    yours clementine

    Comment by clementine from spain — 26 July 2010 @ 02:19

  2. Hi, Jo, nice to e-meet you. I am a part time musician lurking into DIY territory. I’m in need of a 8 step CV sequencer to control a MFOS Soundlab with very low current CV demands ( I’ve found this, I assume it’s yours: It’s exactly what I need. But I have some doubts about the schematic, and I was wondering if you can enlighten some of my lack of electronics knowledge.

    1. The HC14 isn’t listed in the bill of materials, so, if I don’t need the gate out section, can I get rid of the HC14 and use only the two 4051’s for CV and LED control?
    a) If yes, 4060’s pin 12 can be just connected to ground?
    b) If no, can you provide a “pin by pin with caps and resistors” HC14 connection guide?
    c) Does it need +9V, -9V and ground, or only +9V and ground?

    2. The RC timing section in the 4060 shows a 1M pot that isn’t listed in the bill of materials. The schemo is correct in this area?

    3. The list of materials shows two transistors.
    a) What are they for and how must I wire them?
    b) Can I replace’em with any general purpose transistor?

    4. The CV out section shows a 100R to a “current” out. Do I need this if I only want CV out (less than 1 mA current)? Is it a higher current out than CV out, or what is it for?

    I want to thank you for sharing that schematic. And thank you in advance for you kind answer. Greetings from Mexico.

    Comment by Sergio Miranda — 5 January 2011 @ 07:32

  3. hey sergio,
    funny you found that. i was not aware it was online.. thanks for finding.
    this was a paper for a workshop @ piksel festival 2007.
    i will write you an email..
    but first: the schematic is correct. just the component list contains errors (obviously – shame on me!).

    Comment by .. — 5 January 2011 @ 17:36

  4. Thank you for your kind answer!

    Comment by Sergio Miranda — 5 January 2011 @ 17:46

  5. hey jo man, how you doing……………I just remember you show this foto when I was in your flatt in that cold winter……………I never new that was your family………..nice girl…..hey now I have this little tablet from china, actually work pretty good………….a gift from……………..good friend……………now I am in Marseille in a nice skuat, if you come around down south this summer, let me know (tell Bohomas too)…….virus will soon come from Barselona……………….parle vous francais?…….salut……

    Comment by alek leka — 19 July 2011 @ 02:40

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