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23 February 2012

Secrets of SMD

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Here is a little “secret” how I hold SMD parts in place for soldering:

SMD secrets

My version of this tool is made from a “third hand“. The lense-holder part (green) is attached to the vertical rod´s end instead of the crocodile clamp, now holding a M4-sized screw which was screwed into a piece of spring of a ball pen. This contraption can hold in place even the tiny 0603 parts.

Helping hand (tool)

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A typical helping hand

A helping hand, also known as a third hand or X-tra Hands, is a type of jig used in soldering and craftwork. A commonly produced version consists of a weighted base, arms ending in alligator clips, and optionally a magnifying glass, held together by flexible joints. The clips are used to hold a light workpiece in place while the joints allow the user to change the position or angle. ..

Helping Hand Tool

Addendum 2013:

When using solder wire nowadays it is 0,3mm Sn60Pb40 flux type F-SW 32 (Non-corrosive rosin without halides)

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